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Artefact Link

Attached is the link to my Artefact which is published on Wix.  In this site I have embedded Powtoons and Voki and created a YouTube channel some of these things I might never had tried before this assignment.   This journey has been interesting with trying out different programmes for making videos.  Even more interesting when today Powtoons was closed for maintenance, well I nearly had heart failure. I have managed to finish this assignment, I did wonder at the beginning about how I was going to complete this assignment when I could not put a link into a video that could be accessed by the marker.  One thing just let to another and I decided to put it on a website .  Now it is finished I am proud of what I have accomplished. 

I can see myself having a class website as Wix was very easy to learn and has lots of features.  I could put all sorts of educational information and links on my website.  I am excited thinking about it, but I have to wait till I finish my degree and get a teaching job.

I am now starting to feel more comfortable with this blogging site.  The more I use it the more I can understand why we have to blog.


New Technologies come with New Pedagogies

After our literacy tut today I found this article on the internet New Technologies New Pedagogies.  This research study is an Australian study aimed at higher education from the University of Wollongong which makes it even more meaningful.

This article is investigating mobile technologies and how to discover new pedagogies to use these mobile technologies to enhance learning for students in  tertiary education.   The aim of the project is to engage teachers through their Facility of Education sector to do professional development to explore and invent pedagogies using mobile devices such as smart phones and iPods in authentic learning environments.  This was implemented over a two year period with the university purchasing all the equipment needed.

The areas focused on were science, HPE, Visual Arts, Maths, IT, Multimedia, Literacy, Web-based learning, Reflective practice and Adult education. Pre-service teacher participated in an inquiry based approach for professional learning.  Each authentic learning environment which lasted 4-6 weeks was to create innovative uses of the devices as cognitive tools not as a recording device.  A great deal of technology based pedagogy was learnt.  We need to explore the potential that mobile devices can have on our teaching and learning.

Technologies helping students

I have been reading a book titles Assistive Technology in the Classroom, enhancing the school experiences of students with disabilities. This is a very interesting read with things that we now just take for granted are tools that were development for people with disabilities.

Back in the 1980’s when personal computers first came on the market the ability to cut and paste whole pieces of text became a powerful feature. Now we have spell check, word prediction, grammar checker to name a few. There are programmes that can convert speech to text and text to speech also known as speech recognition software. If a student could hear what they have written spoken back to them they can then hear the syntax to know whether what they have written makes sense. Students must still have some sort of typing ability to use the computer.

Now in the 21st century we have an array of mobile devices that we can even carry around in our pockets. These mobile technologies will be coming into our classrooms sooner than we think. Computers have come a long way since the 1980’s.

Creative Commons

Thanks Steve for your youtube of how to do the creative commons thing .  I still can’t get it I will watch your youtube again.  I wish they had told us about this before I put all my images in and created a Powtoon.  So pissed off I just deleted all images and will now just leave my assignment plain.

Visual Stager – Virtual Furniture

This video shows how you can add furniture to any room from a picture. This would be great for secondary school. Just imagine design a 3D house and then fill it with furniture and accessories. I wish that this sort of software was around when I went to school. I couldn’t get the video link to work so here is the video url.

ICT Mind Map

ICT Mind Map

Once you get started you can just keep going and going and going, but I stopped.

Sweet Search

I found this search engine called Sweet Search it is a search engine for students that has been evaluated by research experts.  When you type in what you are looking for eg Koala the search results come with the word koala highlighted in all the search results.  There is a better explanation than Google of what is on the site and what information can be found. 

Here is the link to the site as I am unable to link on this particular blog post


Teacher confidence with ICT’s

I have read Sharnel’s post on ICT’s in the classroom and Steve’s post on ICT and teaching stages.  Both of these are very interesting and we must consider how much technology we can bring into our classrooms.  With doing this course we will have more knowledge than we did before semester 1. 

Now schools have internet access, desktop computers, notebooks, iPads and many more types of technology our children will be educated for the 21st Century. As long as school keep providing professional development, on how to use ICT’s for teachers regarding programmes and software, teachers will be better prepared for teaching with confidence.


Glass Technology

If you Google ‘Glass Technology’ you can view some fascinating videos of what is to come in the future.  This technology is mind blowing.  It is hard to believe what is going to happen in the future.  It is like you see on the crime and investigation shows.

Here is a link to one of the ones I viewed hope you enjoy it.


The fascination children have with the IWB allows up to incorporated all types of activities into our lessons.  As shown by Melinda for Prep children give them the multimodal literacies to learn how to count backwards.  There are just so many resources on the web that can be used in our classrooms.  We have the ability in the 21st century to find almost anything.  If we cannot find what we want, we can just create it ourselves.  Having the ability to create for our students makes us valuable teachers that engage in technology and introducing new fun, user friendly programmes to our students.