Technologies helping students

I have been reading a book titles Assistive Technology in the Classroom, enhancing the school experiences of students with disabilities. This is a very interesting read with things that we now just take for granted are tools that were development for people with disabilities.

Back in the 1980’s when personal computers first came on the market the ability to cut and paste whole pieces of text became a powerful feature. Now we have spell check, word prediction, grammar checker to name a few. There are programmes that can convert speech to text and text to speech also known as speech recognition software. If a student could hear what they have written spoken back to them they can then hear the syntax to know whether what they have written makes sense. Students must still have some sort of typing ability to use the computer.

Now in the 21st century we have an array of mobile devices that we can even carry around in our pockets. These mobile technologies will be coming into our classrooms sooner than we think. Computers have come a long way since the 1980’s.


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