Google walks the Grand Canyon

Google walks the Grand Canyon. There are 121 kilometres of trails in the Grand Canyon in street view. How exciting is this technology, image what how you can teach with this tool? Wait until there are more geographical locations added we will be able to walk sitting in our classrooms and explore with the students.
Watch the video attached to the link above to see how it is captivated. Let’s start exploring more of the earth. Won’t it be good when parts of Australia are in street view? It will be good to use for History, discover and explore from the classroom. How exciting would this be using it in the classroom, the students would love it.

If you Google street view treks it comes up with other places that have been explored.
Here is the link to place around the globe that has videos, click on the coloured dots to find an interesting place to investigate.

Great Barrier Reef

You borrow the tracker to capture places around the globe and in Australia follow this link.


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