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Britain’s Got Talent 2014 – Bars & Melody

Britain’s Got Talent 2014 exposed this very enjoyable video by two young boys. This wonderful performance, where the boys were very brave to get up and sing in front of the audience especially about something that is so close to their heart.  I was great that the audience got behind them cheering them on.  It is amazing these young people turned a bad situation around and make it a positive.  Last time I looked there were 17 million hits, I noticed that Sharnel wrote about the same video. I see her daughter was shown this video at school, what a great idea to show students about bullying and how you can there are avenues to get your frustration out.


Sugar, Sugar

Sugar, Sugar is geometry game; it reminds me of Lemmings that I loved to play many years ago.  With this game sugar pours out of the comer and you have to draw lines with your mouse to get the sugar to fall into the cups.  As the levels increase so does the level of thinking, you need to start thinking outside of the box to catch the sugar trickling down the lines that you draw to the cups.  This game is challenging and fun the students would enjoy this game, it will make them think, give it a go and see how you rate this game.

Has technology taken over our lives??

After reading a post ‘Has our technology gone to far?’  I watched the attached video which has had seven million hits.  Well how true the YouTube was giving us many reasons of what is happening in our world.  We are not making eye contact with people we are just engrossed in our technology.  Our children are growing up seeing people living their lives with their heads in the computers, smart phones, iPads etc.

Children need to be able to mix in our communities be social, have conversations, play and be creative with their play just as we did when we were growing up.  I can remember my children playing in mud after heavy rain and being totally covered, they had a ball or making go carts out of bits and pieces they found in the yard. Living on acreage children have to make their own fun and they did as there was no technology to the extent there is now.

Let’s see what the future holds for our young people.

Australian Curriculum Lessons

After reading Sharnel’s post on Australian Curriculum Lessons I was curious so I went and had a look.  Well there are a lot of resources that I can see before I login.  I had to go and register and I am still waiting to hear back so I can look into the site further. 

This site will be one that I will look into for my practicum.  We are always on the look out for wonderful sites to build our resources.  I noticed there are unit plans which will be great when we are qualified teachers.  This will take help with planning, why reinvent the wheel when it has been done for you.

I did see where it was created by a teacher from Victoria.  If you submit lessons and resources for approval and they get approved they will pay you. 

Thanks Sharnel for this wonderful resource.

NASA is not just all about space exploration.  When searching around on their site I discovered the Images of change.  There are 284 images of change.  Here are some link to some very interesting changes that have happened around the globe.  There are:

Although I did believe in global warming after looking at these images I definitely believe there is global warming, the evidence is here in the images.  Some images are nearly 100 years old and are compared to images now, you can see the difference. Other images are only one or two years apart.  I will have to investigate the NASA site in more detail, hopefully uncovering some more interesting information.

Queensland Governments Smart Classrooms

I read a post by Kelly who mentioned why is she actually using ICT? The link on her page took me to Queensland Governments Smart Classroom site. How interesting is it? This site provide resources and professional development opportunities supporting schools with their planning, understanding and development of digitally rich environments that students can experience.
There are an abundance of ideas on three different place mats which are set out in the six Blooms columns. Several ideas for each level of Blooms, the only thing is it links to the Learning Place which we do not have access to unless we pay for it.
There are practical ideas to support teaching and learning using the standard software on a lap top and online tools and spaces. This resource is a must see as everything is set out for you with examples of programmes to use and ideas for using the programme.  This is a resource I will be using for a long time. Thank you Kelly for this wonderful resource.



McDonalds UK want to give out free ebooks

I read an article today that said that McDonalds have formed a partnership with Kobo to give children and ebook when they purchase a happy meal.  Gee fancy getting a digital story book code instead of a toy.  I don’t think that will be to popular with the kids.  What happens if you don’t have a digital device to download the ebook?  Well then you have been duded. I think kids would rather their little toys to play with than a digital ebook.  Lets see how this goes no doubt we will eventually hear about it.