Has technology taken over our lives??

After reading a post ‘Has our technology gone to far?’  I watched the attached video which has had seven million hits.  Well how true the YouTube was giving us many reasons of what is happening in our world.  We are not making eye contact with people we are just engrossed in our technology.  Our children are growing up seeing people living their lives with their heads in the computers, smart phones, iPads etc.

Children need to be able to mix in our communities be social, have conversations, play and be creative with their play just as we did when we were growing up.  I can remember my children playing in mud after heavy rain and being totally covered, they had a ball or making go carts out of bits and pieces they found in the yard. Living on acreage children have to make their own fun and they did as there was no technology to the extent there is now.

Let’s see what the future holds for our young people.


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