ICT’s in the classroom

I was reading a post from Sharnel regarding ABC Reading Eggs and Mathletics.  I have found the same thing on my prac with year 2.  The teacher is just introducing the class to these two fabulous resources. Here we are half way through the year and they are just being introduced to them.  You can tell if a child has never used the programme before because you need to create your avatar.  The class I am in has 5 notebooks to use and they vary rarely get used and this teacher is not long out of University either.

It just proves that if a teacher is not confident using ICT the students suffer.  This class had no idea how to log in or get into Google to research except for a couple of students who obviously had prior knowledge from home use.  We need to make sure out students get the full benefit from any ICT’s we have access to.

I have not been able to use anywhere near as much ICT’s as I had hoped to because the teacher only uses her IWB as a white background for marking the roll.  Considering how much money has gone into purchasing these ICT’s teacher should use them.





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